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Parenting courses

The below courses have been undertaken with the goal of personally preparing myself for effective single-parenting in the future.

Parenting training certificates

The below gallery of images utilises the photo metadata of each image and utilises code to extract this information and display the original date, time and GPS location (viewable in Google Maps) of each photo. What is photo meta-data?

Photo metadata is the information and specific details concerning a particular image file. It's purpose is to allow for computer systems to share data information about the digital make up of image file. This information often includes date and time the original photo was taken, the geographical location via GPS co-ordinates, image title, pixels, camera type.

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The below images demonstrate I am regularly trusted outside of work hours to provide full care for both boys, on my own, for whole days or special days out.

The below morning images outline my parental participation in morning dressing and breakfast times.

The below evening images demonstrate my parental participation in evening care and bedtimes for both children.

The below playtime images demonstrate time I spend with the children during play and learning.

The below celebration images/videos show independant efforts with regards to celebrating the children's (and their mothers) birthdays, Easter and Christmas.

The below images family images show days out with my ex-spouse with both boys, equally sharing the care and effectively co-parenting. The images also show the level of integration both boys have with my other close family members. I see each of parent as equal and I am supportive of your respective roles in the lives of the children.

The below lockdown 2020 images demonstrate I was proactive during working hours. Unfortunately I was accused of just working at home (as expected by my employer) during this time and not supporting or providing care during my contracted working hours.

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